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Posted by Luo Hei of dsgp.blogspot.com (spanish)

After some work, I adapted an sdl_net example. I removed exotic dependences to SDL_gui and transformed the demo from a chat to a simple click transfer program. I still don't know very well how it works, but I think it can illustrate the use of sdl_net in a game much better. As soon as I feel in the mood (and I know a bit more about sdl_net) I will rewrite it to an UDP based client-server system. UDP is good for your bandwidth, if you don't care about some lost packets. Also I plan to use some simple multithreading. Feel free to post suggestions/improvements.
Get source here. Run server, run client and click in some place in the window, and the server will receive the click coordinates.


Blogger roger said...

Just in case someone is interested, udp client-server demo is on the way, server ready, client being slowly rewritten. This time a VC 7 project will be included.

3/19/2005 10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice ^^

I think there are a bunch of people interested over the world, since there aren't much examples on sdl_net and the documentation on functions doesn't answer what we want to know. For one, I am interested in it :p

5/02/2005 3:16 PM  
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