Texas Gaming Conference (April 2005) Day 1

Posted by zratchet:

I've been at the TXGF one day now. (besides setting up yesterday)

Lots of robotics today!
Lego Robotics and Robosapiens, both of which were very very neat
and fun to play with.

I created a Lego Mindstorms Robot which spun in circles reversing every
10 seconds...

and played with the Robosapiens, which they'll have wrestling matches with later on...

Some interesting links (some from the flyer at the Robotics panel):

http://www.ceeo.tufts.edu/robolabatceeo - RoboLab software

- Lego Robot sensors

http://www.io.com/~rueger/lego/texaslugaustin/ - Austin TX Lego User Group

- Lego Competitions

- Lego Mindstorms Robotics

- Robot Soccer Championships

http://www.cs.utexas.edu/~pstone/robosoccer.html - UT Robot Soccer

http://www.lugnet.com/robotics/ - Lego Robot Hacks

http://www.ldraw.org - Lego CAD

- Search here for "lego" for interesting tools

http://www.robosapien.com - RoboSapien robots

Well, that's all for now...

more later, and pictures too :)